Luxuryoga Retreat Daily Schedule

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July 24, 2018
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August 2, 2018

Many of you are asking us about what our daily schedule is like.

Here is a guide of how our normal days, on average, work.

A typical day at Luxuryoga Retreats:

8.30 – Wake up to freshly made ginger and lemon tea to help cleanse your digestion or what we call “energy shots” usually made out of superfoods like spirulina, curcumin, ginger…

8.50 – A mindful set up of the outdoors yoga deck

9.00 – Dynamic yoga sequence and relaxation

10.30 – Breakfast is served. Usually consists of smoothie bowls, cereals and fruits

11.00 – 18.00 – Free time to relax, swim, go to the Spa, explore, read, have a beauty treatment, a massage, etc.

14.00 -Lunch is served (if you have chosen to go out for the day it is not mandatory that you are back for lunch). Lunch is served buffet style and it usually has a vegetable cream soup accompanied by salad.

18.00 – Evening yoga practice in our indoor shala (this will be Yin, although we do not warm up the shala, due to natural weather conditions, this class tends to be a warmer, not dynamic practice, which is amazing to help you get the most of the posture and allow your muscles to be “warmer” so we can penetrate deeper into the actual cartilages, ligaments, and joints). This class is followed by a meditation.

20.00 – Dinner. Table service. Three courses.

21.30 – Evening activity: This varies from Yoga Nidra meditations to watching yoga documentaries in our in-house cinema, to mantra chanting.

22:30 – Rest

As you can see, you have something going on from 8 am to past 10 pm. It’s 14 hours.

Rest is very important so we encourage you to take it seriously and dedicate time to it. Whether you are reading, meditation or writing thoughts about the day in your diary, it’s important you understand you need those resting hours to get the most benefits out of the retreat experience.