Our Food

We serve an organic, locally grown, vegetarian based menu.

Our locally renowned chef, prepares all dishes in-house and designs a bespoke menu, using local ingredients and according to our client's specifications and needs. We adapt Luxury Yoga Retreat menu depending on the group's needs and requests. Dairy and eggs are also used at times, so most of our meals are lacto-ovo-vegetarian, but easily adapted to vegan (if necessary).

We don't believe healthy food has to be tasteless. We think healthy desserts should be mandatory after a good yoga practice. We also believe experiencing amazing flavors, and variety in food is a key to well-being, so we take feeding your body seriously.

Since we tend to be active on our yoga retreats (doing yoga, swimming, hiking, playing tennis...) we don't restrict calories, or add too many. Balance is the key. We encourage healthy snacking during the day.

Some days we offer local, freshly caught fish as an option in the menu.

Continental, buffet breakfast is served every morning. Tea, coffee, juice, water, and snacks are always available throughout the day and night. Lunch is served at midday and dinner in the evenings.