Retreat Rates & Dates

Seven days, six nights


  • Two yoga classes a day.
  • Two short meditations a day.
  • One evening Yoganidra introduction and meditation class.
  • One Ayurveda basics Lesson. Learn about the Doshas.
  • Three meals a day organic and vegetarian based (meat and fish available and optional).
    Snacks (fruit, crackers, fruit bars) available all day.
  • Tea, coffee, mineral waters available at all times throughout the day.
  • Use of Spa, tennis court, pool, gardens, and gym.
  • One morning beach yoga (transport to beach and back provided, subject to weather conditions).
  • Yoga movie night every night, after dinner in our in-house cinema.
  • *Arrival day, dinner and welcoming chat. Departure day, breakfast served before departure. Schedule above for the remaining, full days.

    Therapeutic massages , cosmetic and beauty treatments, day excursion to near by islands and wineries and other activities available at an additional cost.

    June 5-11 Retreat:

    Hot Yoga by teachers Joyce Buursen and Malou Bouw from

    This retreat will concentrate in Hot Yoga as a main practice but will help introduce the Hot Yoga lovers into some newer styles. Bikram-style classes will be taught , however we will incorporate different styles of movement and discover new ways to practice Hot Yoga. Since the heat and humidity in Alicante are perfect this time of the year, many clases will be outdoors, because, is already hot and humid enough.

    This retreat is a collaboration with The SWeat Series, the one and only dedicated Hot Yoga Studio in Northern Holland, and with the collaboration of BKS (Bikram Yoga Spain)

    Your Teachers

    Having followed many yoga lessons for the many years, I wanted to experience a whole different yoga form, and so I came into contact with Hot Yoga a few years ago. After the first time, I was hooked !. I could only think WHY do not we have this kind of yoga more available near my home in the north of Holland?. My great passion for yoga made me decide to follow an international teacher training (RYT-200), specializing in Hot Yoga. The reason I concentrated in hot yoga, was because I felt a strong sense of wanting to teach it and make it available to as many people as possible. I think it's important that you can attend quality Hot Yoga classes, but also that the studio or retreat is a place where you get a nice feeling, where you feel comfortable and looked after. Where you can be yourself, gain new energy and at the same time relax so that you leave with a smile on your face and in your heart.


    My love for yoga? That all began, with a crush for physical, yoga practice. Through challenging yoga styles like Hot Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga, I was physically challenged to explore my own limits. Soon I noticed that I developed not only physically, but also mentally. More and more, I fell in love with the strength of yoga, and so I decided to follow the Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training (RYT-200, Yoga Alliance USA) in Bali. Yoga is more than a passion; it's a way of life for me.

    As a teacher, I want to inform my students that the purpose of yoga is not to see how flexible you are, or you can do the primary postures/asanas. I want my students to know, that the purpose of yoga to appreciate your body, to become aware of your thoughts and to explore who you really are.

    End of June to September Retreats:

    Yoga teacher Pleuni Van Hulten

    Pleuni teaches Scaravelli inspired Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. In her classes we explore the bodies natural way of moving and we try to find a lightness in the practice. In her Vinyasa classes she works a lot with waving and rolling through the spine and moving with grace and fluidity. All the movements are connected. There is a constant pulsing of the body, the movement never stops and therefore brings you into a meditative state.

    Besides her verbal instructions Pleuni gives a lot of hands-on adjustments in her class. This is helping students to deepen, stabilize, align or find more ease in a pose.

    Her Yin yoga classes area total experience and are there to create a safe meditative space for her students to open up and work through physical and emotional blockages in the body.

    You can see Pleuni teaching in the retreat in one of our videos.

    Bo Kingdom. Holistic therapist

    Bo discovered his love and ability for working with the natural flow of energy 17 years ago, when he became dedicated in mastering the art of Ki-Aikido, which focuses on presence and energetic integrity as a means to meet challenging and dynamic action.

    Developing his skills in healing, alongside Aikido he studied Kiatsu, which uses energy channelling by acupressure to stimulate the natural healing ability of the body.

    As his experience in energy work grew, he completed a training in holistic massage 9 years ago. This type of massage has since become his regular practice, alongside his work in Joinery (woodwork).

    Aikido practice gave him the ability to allow, and direct energy flow through his hands, massage has revealed his deeper ability to be closer with the flow of energy and the senses. Combined they both support and shape the intuitive nature of the massages he now offers.

    His interest within a session is to give you energy, contact and presence so that you may dive deeply into the subtle satisfactions of being human through the gentile enquiry of total relaxation.

    A little about the massages that I offer:

    Holistic massage embodies soft rhythmic touch through a continual flowing motion to invite the receiver to enter a space of deep relaxation.

    That means it differs from many traditional massages as it is not focusing on releasing tension within the muscle tissue of the body by applying pressure to certain areas. Instead through a form of sensitive touch the whole body is bought in to relaxation. Energy that is extended through this contact plays a huge part in this practice and allows the receiver to find comfort and rest through the nurturing environment that is created. Before the session there is space to speak about this concept and to communicate what the receiver feels comfortable with.

    (*holistic massage offered is not included in the retreat price as is optional. For rates, contact Bo on arrival to the retreat, or email us)


    All rooms ensuite and all inclusive. Rates are for single room occupancy (one room per person). For friends or couples wanting to share, please contact us for a different, lower rate:

  • Upstairs large room, garden views, private terrace, ensuite bathroom with tub and double sinks
    - €1288
  • Downstairs room, shared courtyard, ensuite bathroom with shower
    - €1088
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